Heavy pains from oedemas are now gone

It was a colleague who told twenty-eight year old Karina Buch Holtzhausen, Sdr. Stenderup, Denmark, about Hugo Nielsen, who had helped her father.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

Karina then phoned Hugo Nielsen and told him about some oedemas in her right leg, which gave her heavy pains. Hugo Nielsen was ready to help her for in his work at the University Hospital in Bremen oedemas have become one of his specialities.

Only pain-relieving and
Support stockings

About three horrible years Karina tells: ”It all started with a birthmark with cancer in it, and the cancer had spread to the lymph glands in my right leg. Since I have had four operations. Not only I had oedemas in my leg which were almost impossible to live with but if I had scratches on my leg I got erysipelas and had to go to the hospital to be treated with strong medicine.”

The doctors told me to wear a support stocking if I did not lie in bed, and gradually I thought that I was going to have these pains for the rest of my life. The only thing the doctors would/could was to give me pain-killing drugs”

After eight to ten treatments
there was really a difference

”Two and a half month ago I first came to Gram and since I have been there two times a week, ”Karina tells. When I had my first treatment I – after only four to five seconds – could feel that something was happening in my body and after eight to ten treatments I could tell a real difference”.

”Now I have a life without painkilling drugs and support stockings and am again able to work without limitations and even start to consider the future. My cheerfulness has come back!”

Sdr. Stenderup, Denmark
June 20 the, 2009

Heart signals and relationships

The stomach is
“the villain” in our lives.
Good stomachs provides a healthy population!

Heartbreak, pain or hormone chaos
The heart is other than to pump with sorrow and joy. It plays a very important role in our daily lives more than we previously believed. It helps to determine whether you have a good painless days with good humor and lots of energy.
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Four years without medical treatment

Four years without medical treatment of an incurable type of leukaemia

Sixty-four years old Jens Amby Jensen, Stadil in Jytland, Denmark, has always felt it annoying that the Danish authorities have not been willing to accept the parallelacupuncture which now for four years has made it unnecessary for him to get medical treatment.

That is why he – for the third time – wants to tell people that he still has a good life with parallelacupuncture which he gets every second or third week at The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram, and with two times daily use at home of his Cell Com apparatus.

Text: Bodil Moes

”It was in the spring of 2001 I had the diagnosis Valenström Disease. I was then told that it was an incurable type of leukaemia which I could probably live with for several years but not without treatment. It was, however, a risk that the disease might become more aggressive, and then the doctors could do nothing.

As soon as I had got the diagnosis I listened to a friend who told me about his father and his father´s sister who both, seven years ago, had been told by the doctors that they had only three months to live. They had then chosen to get parallelacupuncture, and they were still still living in the best of health.

Then I decided to begin weekly treatments of parallelacupuncture just after i had started on chemotherapy. The result was that my condition very quickly – after only a few months – was considerably improved so that I was able to stop the chemotherapy-treatments earlier then normally.”

I live the life of an active pensioner
”The first years I sometimes felt, that my condition was so good, that I could do without acupuncture when I was on extended holidays. Every time it had, however, a bad effect, which the bloodtests taken at Holstebro Hospital at once proved.

When I last had dodged the acupuncture for a long time and – in 2002 – had gone to USA for six weeks my condition was considerably worsened and I had again to receive medical treatment which was ended earlier than normally.
Since that time there has not been non-appearance worth mentioning as to my receiving acupuncture.

The last years I have, however, ventured for longer periods not to get acupuncture as my condition today must be described as very good. So good that I live a perfectly normal life as a very active pensioner, going hunting and enjoying outdoor life. Furthermore I am in the process of rebuilding my old farm in Stadil and I enjoy to be able to be on the go all day long.”

Doctors`attitude to acupuncture
”The doctors at Holstebro Hospital do not exactly comment on what surprisingly had happened to me but after four-five years they follow me with a certain part of interest.
When I have accentuated that they ought to remember that I for the whole period has been treated with parallelacupuncture the answer has been, that it is probably very good and that I must by all means continue the treatment.

One doctor has, however, dissociated himself completely from any kind of acupuncture as there according to him were no scientific proofs of the effect of something like that. It is unpleasant to meet such a doctor but he was young and new in the profession.

It makes me feel secure that I every third month has a check-up at the hospital being confirmed that the numbers of the bloodtests are fine and on the whole all are normal. As the disease is incurable it is still in me and I guess that the doctors are surprised that it is not spreading again and demanding traditional treatment.”

Hometreatment two times a day
”Beyond going to the institute in Gram every second or third week I daily two times use my Cell Com apparatus on the points 12 and 4 on both feet, a point near my thumbs and a point on the outside of my legs which according to acupuncturist Lone Nielsen should increase the production of the red blood corpuscles which I need. That it seems to be the case the tests taken at my visits to the hospital show.

Moreover it is rather thought-provoking that I who had to take early retirement because of a bad back as a ”secondary effect” of the needles and Cell Com has become so much better throughout the years that I in week 9 am going to Norway to enjoy cross-country skiing,” Jens Dalby Jensen ends his report.

I am pleased to have heard about Hugo Nielsen and his parallel acupuncture

In March 2006 when I was 49 years old my breast cancer was discovered and followed in April with a surgery of my breast in which a large 1.7 cm big tumour was removed and 15 lymph nodes, two of them were infected.

Translation Hugo Nielsen

Histology finding: Invasive Duktales Mammma. C.A. Her 2neu – 3 +.
After the operation on Diako in Bremen I had a massive bleeding in the chest despite the pumping of blood was inadequate. The scar from the surgery opened by it self so that the rest could drainage, but it was already formed a new Abscess, which makes the chest several times more inflamed.

A second operation was rejected by me, as well as chemotherapy and radiation. In the meantime I had heard about Hugo Nielsen and his parallel acupuncture in Bremen and began to go for treatment. At the time I was mentally and nerves completely depressed. The abscess caused several pains in the chest and arm.

The parallel acupuncture cured the abscess pretty quickly and I was better quickly in a short time – I felt myself so well that I began to grow intense sport. In addition, I have bought a “Cell Com System”, which I treat with at home regularly.

In early 2007 I had pain in the right shoulder, but after a few weeks’ time, it was again disappeared. With a blood test in March 2007 showed that there has been an increase in tumour marker identified and further investigations were carried out: but mammography and CT Thorax showed no negative results.

But on the right shoulder and left pelvis was found metastases, which led me to chemotherapy with the drug Herceptin and Arredia. I decided for this treatment, although I have always had great fear of medication.

I was with an interval of 14 days in the hospital Diako in Bremen where I got the treatment and the day before and the day after I went to acupuncture. Then I felt absolutely no side effects and may even still actively sport. At the time I get in intervals of three weeks Herceptin and Arredia.

At the latest control were no comments and I now regularly once a week to parallel acupuncture in Bremen.
I am pleased to have heard of Hugo Nielsen and his parallel acupuncture because I now feel fit and energetic and I will in the future continue to be treat and use my Cell Com at home.

Erena Frerks
Bremen Sept. 10. 2008

Medical examination on the Diako in Bremen 23 Sep. 2008 – Everything was OK
Medical examination on the Diako in Bremen 06 Jan. 2009 – Everything was OK

Als im März 2006, ich war 49 Jahre alt, Brustkrebs bei mir festgestellt wurde, folgte im April eine Brusterhaltende OP in der ein 1,7 cm großer Tumor entfernt wurde – ebenso 15 Lymphknoten, von denen zwei befallen waren.

Histologischer Befund: Invasiv duktales Mammma. C.A. Her-2neu 3 +.
Nach der OP im Diako Bremen hatte ich massive Nachblutungen in der Brust, doch das Abpumpen des Blutes gelang nur unzureichend. Die Narbe öffnete sich schließlich von alleine, so dass die Reste abfließen konnten, doch es hatte sich bereits ein neuer Abzess gebildet, wodurch die Brust sich immer wieder entzündete.

Eine zweite OP habe ich abgelehnt, ebenso Chemotherapie und Bestrahlung. Inzwischen hatte ich von Hugo Nielsen und der Parallelakupunktur gehört und begab mich dort in Behandlung. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war ich nervlich und seelisch bereits völlig am Ende; der Abzess verursachte starke Schmerzen in Brust und Arm.

Durch die Parallelakupunktur heilte der Abzess jedoch recht schnell ab, und ich erholte mich innerhalb kurzer Zeit – Ich fühlte mich sogar so gut, dass ich begann, intensiv Sport zu treiben. Zusätzlich erwarb ich ein „Cell Com“-Gerät, mit dem ich mich zu Hause regelmäßig behandle.

Anfang 2007 bekam ich Schmerzen in der rechten Schulter, die jedoch nach einigen Wochen wieder verschwanden. Bei einer Blutuntersuchung im März 2007 wurde allerdings ein Anstieg des Tumormarkers festgestellt, und es folgten Untersuchungen: Mammographie und CT Torax waren ohne Befund.

An der rechten Schulter und am linken Becken wurde je eine Metastase gefunden, woraufhin mir eine Chemotherapie sowie die Medikamente Herceptin und Arredia vorgeschlagen wurden. Ich entschloss mich für diese Therapie, obwohl ich schon immer große Angst vor Medikamenten hatte.

Ich wurde im Abstand von 14 Tagen ein Mal im Krankenhaus Diako Bremen behandelt, wobei ich einen Tag davor und einen Tag danach zur Parallelakupunktur ging. Dadurch spürte ich keinerlei Nebenwirkungen, kann sogar nach wie vor Sport treiben.
Zur Zeit bekomme ich im Abstand von drei Wochen Herceptin und Arredia. Die letzten Verlaufskontrollen waren unauffällig und Ich gehe weiterhin regelmäßig einmal in der Woche zur Parallelakupunktur.

Ich bin froh von Hugo Nielsen und der Parallelakupunktur gehört zu haben, denn ich fühle mich fit und energiegeladen, und ich werde mich weiterhin dort behandeln lassen und zu hause das Cell Com Gerät benutzen.

Frau Erena Frerks
Bremen 10 Sep. 2008

Kontrolluntersuchung auf Diako d. 23 Sep. 2008 und alles war OK.
Kontrolluntersuchung auf Diako d. 06 Jan. 2009 und alles war OK.

Forty-nine years old Niels Holgersen, Esbjerg, Denmark, is now

Forty-nine years old Niels Holgersen, Esbjerg, Denmark, is now able to work effortlessly in the airport for fifty hours weekly but until he came to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram his future didn’t look promising. He imagined a life without the job he likes, chemo tablets every day for the rest of his life and himself sitting in a wheelchair.

Text: Bodil Moes

When Niels Holgersen was thirty-eight he had more than a seven-hour working day and at that time he started to get some rash of psoriasis and later a soreness in the body.

“Gradually I also had pains in my wrists and elbows and it was a sort of pains that moved on to other joints. It had to be rheumatism,” he says.

An illness that is hard to trace in the blood.
“In 1993 I went to a very, very good specialist in rheumatism but the many blood samples showed nothing. After nine months the doctors at long last felt sure that I suffered from rheumatic psoriasis.

As this special illness is hard to trace in the blood. I now got a medicine which acted slowly and in 1994 things had become so bad that I had to use a half or a whole hour to get out of bed. I also began to doubt whether it was wise to take the medicine which was chemo tablets and morphine. I would certainly become a drugged-out wreck if I just went on. Now the specialist sent me to a hospital where they treated rheumatism. Here I was for three weeks for rehabilitation, and the staff told me that if I went on working I should end up in a wheelchair. They also said that I had to take the chemo tablets for the rest of my life, and in the local administration they believed that I had to give up my job in the airport and for instance consider driving a cab or a bus.”

The darkest hour is just before the dawn
Niels Holgersen was fortunate to have a place of work where they accepted that he did what he was able to manage but in 1995 he was going from bad to worse. “Gradually it took me about two hours to make myself ready for the job. Not until then the joints had become so warm that it was possible to start,” he says. “At that time I had heard of Hugo Nielsen who with his needles was almost able to cure anything, and as sick as I was there was no harm in trying his special acupuncture.”

“It was in 1997 I went to Gram and said to Hugo Nielsen: “You may prick me with your needles even if I don’t believe in what you do!” Today I certainly believe in it even if I still don’t understand how he was able to cure me.”

A lot of strange things happened in my body
“I fell asleep as soon as Hugo Nielsen had placed the needles and when the treatment after twenty minutes was over I went home and slept for eight hours.

First I went there once a week. After three months it was throttled down to three times a month for the next nine months.”

“During the first months a lot of strange things happened in my body. It was sweaty, I felt dizzy and had pains which had not been there before, for instance in my right shoulder. “Something violently must have happened to that shoulder,” Hugo Nielsen said and he was right. Ten years ago I had broken the shoulder! Now he told me that it was the body which was able to “remember” what had happened.”

“I stopped at the clinic in July 1998 and for the last six months I had only been treated twice and later once a month. Hugo Nielsen now decided that no further treatments were necessary unless I got pains – and that I never did!”

The good life without the rheumatic psoriasis.
“Both my skin and my body suffered from psoriasis but today I only have a little rash on my scalp and at an elbow and in frosty weather sometimes in my face. The specialist in rheumatism and my own doctor could see that I was well but they didn’t try to find out how it had been possible. As one of them said: “If you believe in it I guess it is right.”

“I was lucky not to have cancer but I am convinced that without parallel-acupuncture I should have been wheel chaired for five years. Instead I often work for fifty hours weekly at the airport and I am so happy that I didn’t have to leave my working place.”

Esbjerg, Denmark

April 2nd, 2003

Chronic lymphocytes leukaemia

Chronic lymphocytes leukaemia – but blood samples are just getting better and better

Journalist Bodil Moes
Translate Hugo Nielsen

62-year-old Leif Christensen, Esbjerg, was diagnosed in 2002 Feature lymphocytes leukaemia.
“The Doctors would just keep an eye on me and take blood samples every four months, and then I decided to go to Hugo Nielsen, where my brother-in-law had gone for several years,” he says.

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Charlotte free from migraine after seven years

Charlotte Sørensen, Vildbjerg, Denmark, is going to become a student next year and so it is a great relief that she has been freed freedom the attacks of migraine, which might last from one hour to four days.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

”Suddenly I could seriously take part in both school and weekend activities. The migraine has really for seven years made my school work difficult and when my friends had a hangover it with me provoke an attack of migraine.”

A magnet on the forehead
and clips in the ears!

”It started with a slight headache which gradually became worse. That it was migraine I suffered from was however difficult to establish,” Charlotte tells.

”My own doctor thought that it was a sinusitis and prescribed penicillin and later I was referred to Holstebro Hospital where I three or four times was scanned. The doctors would not exclude that it might be a migraine but until they were sure they would not let me have the medicine I asked for.

Afterwards I tried many different things., among others I was treated with acupuncture in the back of my head and in my face with no result. Another alternative therapist had no doubt about the diagnosis and he placed clips in my ears and a magnet on my forehead without doing me any good.”

My aunt suggested
to go to Gram

”At one time my aunt suggested that I should go with her to The Hugo Nielsen Institute where she her self has been treated for several years, We went there every two weeks and after some treatments the attacks of migraine came at rare intervals and was less violent.

Now that I have got eleven treatments I am fine and need no more speculate the coming of the next attack. It might suddenly happen morning or night and the attacks lasted from one hour to four days. At one time both my mother and my doctor suggested that I dropped the pill, and as Hugo Nielsen supported the idea because of the imbalance of my body, I did it.

That I finally became free from my migraine is just wonderful,” Charlotte ends her statement.

Vildbjerg, Denmark
June 30th 2009

Big struma became invisible

Every two weeks the sixty-seven year old former driver Sven Erik Christensen, Nim, Denmark, drives the ninety-four kilometres to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram where he twenty years ago arrived with a very big struma. He only did it because of some articles I many years ago wrote in the Danish weekly ”Hendes Verden”.

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Berit has had arthritis for 21 years

Berit has had arthritis for 21 years but thanks to parallel-acupuncture she has functioned very well the last 14 years
This is a reunion with the forty-four year old Berit Jepsen, Randers, Denmark, who was only twenty-four-year-old when she became ill with arthritis. In her first interview with Acu-News she told how ”all joints – feet, hands, elbows and knees – were violently swollen” when she fourteen years ago together with her husband went to Gram and had parallel-acupuncture.

Text: Bodil Moes

It is a long time since Berit Jepsen has been treated with gold for her arthritis and she has not been exposed to the medicine which because of serious side-effects has been withdrawn. She is an arthritis-patient who in spite of a cronic illness still is functioning very well and is able to attend to her part-time job at a pharmacy in line with her colleagues.

”I am just as well as when we talked three and a half year ago,” she says. ”As I told you it took some time without any special changes when I fourteen years ago started to have parallel-acupuncture, but when some day I asked Hugo Nielsen if he thought that I would ever get better he reminded me that he had never promised to cure me but only to help me getting better. That promise he kept! Gradually my fingers could be stretched and all swellings of wrists, elbows, knees and feet were gone, while treatments with gold were no longer needed.

No change of diet
When I tell Berit, that the arthritis-association – when informed about the effect of parallel-acupuncture – let their dietisian decide that it was not worth mentioning to the members, Berit says: ”I have not changed my diet. I eat normal food, but I stick to the parallel-acupuncture which saved me. Every fortnight I drive to Gram for treatment and every night I use my Cell Com apparatus. At the pharmacy I carry out different jobs and participate among other things in our new project of driving medicine to customers who are not able to fetch it.”

”Thanks to parallel-acupuncure I both became able to use my education and to experience feeling well after my illness – from 1985 to 1992 – had only got worse and worse. That is why I every fortnight still drive the 170 kilometres from Randers to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram which may be difficult for other people to understand.

Randers, Denmark

June 8th, 2006