The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

Publications: Theses
The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer
Thesis in the context of the C exam for acupuncture training of Dutch Medical Acupuncture Association.
Dr. MY Meerburg, MD.
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PSA-Extract report from the experience with parallel acupuncture

PSA-Extract report from the experience with parallel acupuncture after Hugo Nielsen in Bremen

There are people who claim that they were completely healthy. This erroneous assumption was even with me until the day where in addition to the normal PSA – value has been determined.

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Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory and Biology come together

Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory and
Biology come together:
by Ron Zoet 2011

In ECIWO therapy and Parallel Acupuncture of Hugo Nielsen we try to use the Basic Biological Regulatory System (BBRS) of Plants, Animals and Humans as regeneration and restoration possibility. This combination of modern views on the regeneration of animal and human tissues, was created by a collaboration of three TCM acupuncturists: Hugo Nielsen (Denmark), Ron Zoet and Bert Pijnenburg (Netherlands). Bert Pijnenburg Hugo Nielsen Ron Zoet
This regeneration and recovery ability of organisms we call today “BBRS Parallel Acupuncture”.

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Parallel Acupuncture is gone be the best working Acupuncture System ever seen in the world.

Thanks again Hugo for trusting us and make it suitible for us. I sent you soon the BBRS papers and hope we can put it together in our BBRS Parallel Acupuncture System!

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Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

E-mail 17-12-2012
Fyresdal municipality is the first commune in Norway to offer their inhabitants the best from both western and eastern medicine. We will integrate alternative medicine in our medical support to people in Fyresdal as a supplement to western medicine.

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Heart signals and relationships

The stomach is
“the villain” in our lives.
Good stomachs provides a healthy population!

Heartbreak, pain or hormone chaos
The heart is other than to pump with sorrow and joy. It plays a very important role in our daily lives more than we previously believed. It helps to determine whether you have a good painless days with good humor and lots of energy.
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BBRS WORLD Master class* Acupuncturists

The 21st century treatment system

-is the simplest acupuncture system in the world
-connects all acupuncture methods in one

The Cell Com System treatment is part of the BBRS Parallel Acupuncture System
Ask for a demonstration and treatment with the Cell Com System from your acupuncture specialist to help and support your own home treatment. Please ask for results. Our BBRS specialists are authorized dealers for the Cell Com System: hnshop



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