The fight against my asthma

I am 68 years and for many years has increasingly suffered from the effects of asthma, namely an almost debilitating cough and frequent attacks with severe breathing difficulties, often requiring hospitalization, pneumonia etc. Then I have the last year have not been able to to lie in my bed and sleep.

On good days, I have been able to sit in a chair with feet up and sleep. Other nights I’ve had to sit up in bed to able to sleep. When it has been the worst, I have spent nights on an office chair. All this of course meant that my sleep has been lousy and I constantly have been extremely tired.

Up given by the asthma laboratory despite increasing of medication.
Despite close monitoring from a the asthma ambulatory and an increasing consumption of the medication, including prednisone, are the consequences of the disorder in recent years become increasingly debilitating and has led me – especially in the winter half year – has had a sharp decline in quality of life, since I have actually been unable to be active, either outdoors or in the home. Lecture, classical concerts, opera and other musical experiences I have had to give up when I coughed constantly.

At times it has been so bad that I could not walk the 300 meters is from our residence to the car parking-place.
In the autumn of 2012 I was told by the doctor that no more could be done to stop the coughing.

The parallel Acupuncture on the Hugo Nielsen Institute
The next day, my wife and I to contact Hugo Nielsen Institute and a treatment was started. I had been recommended Hugo Nielsen’s treatment of a satisfied patient who was cured of cancer. I must honestly say that it is one of the best I’ve ever made me.

Now less than 30% of the initial medication and good night’s sleep
Where I am at the start of the treatments had numerous bouts of very severe shortness of breath and an almost chronic, severe cough, I am now in July 2013, completely free from asthma. This while my medication is slowly being reduced and currently represents less than 30% of consumption at treatment start-up, makes me very clearly feel that having a new life and now you can start doing all the things I was previously unable to carry me. Be it the most basic functions like taking clothes and shoes on and off, as well as physical activities like gardening, camping (which we are very happy), play with the grandkids and – not least – lie down and sleep relaxed and effortless cough etc. in my bed.

One of the things I really appreciate during treatment, is Hugos and Lone detailed and very understandable explanations about what treatment triggers and get as a result.

It’s of course also not something that Hugo and Lone both have a great sense of humor, which helps to keep spirits up.

During the process, my wife has also come under “the needles” and gets a good result treatment for the consequences of a breast cancer surgery.

We live in Albertslund near Copenhagen and therefore have a longer drive to the treatments. But when we immediately from the start and has continuously been able to experience clear, positive results, we have not a moment was the slightest doubt about the accuracy of what we do.

We are very grateful for the results, Hugo and Lone have achieved and of course we intend to continue until the effect of “the needles” have been all around the body.

If finally I had something which can irritate me is, that I not for longer time ago has getting started with this amazing treatment.

Flemming Davgaard
Albertslund, July 2013