The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer

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The Hugo Nielsen System BBRS and the treatment of cancer
Thesis in the context of the C exam for acupuncture training of Dutch Medical Acupuncture Association.
Dr. MY Meerburg, MD.

“During the long period when I worked as a GP in Norway and classical homeopath I got in touch with the Hugo Nielsen System. It struck me immediately that this was a method of treatment, many cancer patients in which one could achieve, even in those cases where the patients ‘declared’ goods by mainstream medicine. ”

The system was invented by a Danish acupuncture for over 30 years in his practice tests. It works so well that now the Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram, Denmark, almost exclusively cancer treatment.

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The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
Thesis for the C exam of the NAAV acupuncture course
(Dutch Medical Acupuncture Society)
Revised 27 September 2002
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 200 1
The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment

1. Introduction page 3
2. The Hugo Nielsen System page 4
2.1 Acupuncture according to Hugo Nielsen page 4
2.2 The Cell Com System page 8
3. Experiences with the Hugo Nielsen System page 10
from my own practice
4. Conclusion page 13
5. Summary page 14
6. Theses page 15
7. Bibliography page 16
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
I had my first encounter with the Hugo Nielsen System in the long period I worked in Norway as a general practitioner and classical homeopath. I immediately realized that this treatment could be used to achieve good results on cancer patients, even those who cannot be helped by regular medicine anymore.
The system was invented by a Danish acupuncturist and tested in his practice for over 30 years. It works so well that the Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram, Denmark, is now almost exclusively treating cancer patients. The results are very surprising, even the Danish government is interested because the system involves significant financial savings. When being treated by the institute, most patients are able to continue their normal work, even though they undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Also, patients can often take reduced doses of their regular medication because their condition generally improves and they experience fewer side effects of the regular treatment, like for example nausea and pain. This results in fewer hospital admissions, which is of course a significant cost saving.
Before I proceed to describing the Hugo Nielsen System, I want to point out that I am aware that treatment of cancer patients with acupuncture is a controversial subject. I think it becomes less controversial when considering the fact that treatment with this system combines very well with the traditional regular treatment. It even seems too increase its effect.
I do not pretend this to be a scientific study. I want to describe the Hugo Nielsen System and provide some examples from my own practice, where I haven been using the system for over
four years now. I am confining myself to cancer treatment here, although the system also has excellent effects on the treatment of numerous other diseases.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
The Hugo Nielsen System can be divided into two parts. The first part is the treatment with acupuncture needles, the second consists of what is called the “Cell Com System”. Cell Com is an abbreviation of cell communication. In this chapter I will first try to explain the acupuncture part, followed by the Cell Com System.

The Hugo Nielsen System came to existence when one day Hugo Nielsen made a discovery with a patient who he was treating with foot reflexology.
While he was pressing Bl 60 of the right foot, the patient asked him if it would hurt as much on the left foot. He then pressed Bl 60 of the left foot, while maintaining the pressure on the right foot to compare the pain. The effect was amazing, because the patient shouted: “What are you doing to me?”
At this occasion Hugo Nielsen discovered that the patient reached a state of relaxation, in which the whole body was free of pain. She had already been suffering pains in the legs and back for years and the general practitioner had given her several injections that did not help at all. Now, for one short moment, she was completely free of pain. When the patient asked “What did you do?”, Hugo Nielsen could only answer “I have no idea!”.

One week later the patient returned. She said that after the above-mentioned occasion some other complaints she had not mentioned before, disappeared completely. These were a light chronic headache, stomach complaints and a light psychological instability.
She had fallen down with her bicycle eight years before. The physical and psychological symptoms she then had came back one last time and disappeared completely after that.
This occasion set Hugo Nielsen thinking. Repeated occasions of total different kinds eventually lead him to the idea that there had to be a central controlling system, which is influenced by paired pressure and paired insertion of acupuncture needles. The two points that are (symmetrically) localized in the same place should have equal values and properties, regardless of which paired points are being used. This proved to be right, but many of the
points he tested had limited functionality and effect.
While he was treating several thousands of patients with acupuncture, Hugo Nielsen came to realize that there are “terminal” points, which contain all information about our life, from cradle to grave. The larger the distance from the points to the brains is, the better the effect of the acupuncture is.
All information that is contained in the acupuncture points of a meridian is also saved in the “terminal” point. Whether we are dealing with the first point or the end point of a meridian is not important, as long as we use the point that is furthest away from the brains. This should be done on the left and right side of the body simultaneously, e.g. symmetrically or in pairs. To achieve a mechanical/physical controlling effect, that can restore the memories of building life, these symmetrical points must be manipulated simultaneously, otherwise it will not have any effect.
This new “treatment communication”, which is executed by manipulating “terminal” points in a specific order, receives reactions that offer possibilities which have never been recognised before. All complaints of a patient, from a headache to a frozen shoulder and from gastritis to rheumatic pains, are initially treated with the same symmetrical points simultaneously. When
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment the effects on this have ceased, we can move on to the next phase and the next pair of symmetrical points. Some of the paired points can be combined, but it is important to keep in mind that when only two needles are used (as a pair), the body itself, without help of the therapist, will try to find its own origin.
Basically this looks like a simple method, but it becomes more complicated when the reaction pattern a patient shows needs to be explained. A long and continuous practical training is required to control the innumerable reactions the body shows, which act as “indicators”.

Reactions that are caused by the disease show the same pattern. Reactions resulting from the regular medical treatment show a different pattern, which is inconsistent with the syndrome. Reactions caused by surgery show yet another pattern, which is also inconsistent with the syndrome.
Furthermore, time is a factor; it influences the reaction time. Metabolism and psychological changes will also affect the reaction time. In this context the term reaction time means the time the body needs to recover itself and
become healthy again, without medical aid, solely with the help of two needles.
In Hugo Nielsen’s research Ga 44 proved to be the only point that could recall a complete history of the development of a patients disease and provide an image of the past and future.
The effect of two needles only in Ga 44 is also measurable and visible on thermovision scans. It shows on scans made during the therapy as well as on scans that were made only ten minutes after the treatment. The examples are amazing. Patients suffering from chronic arthritis became completely free of pain and showed a local temperature rise of approximately 4.5 degrees Celsius during the treatment with needles.

When the treatment is started with Ga 44, it is very important to observe the patient’s reactions precisely. For the next treatment the reaction can be predicted and the patient can lay down more relaxed, because all reactions after the first treatment are alike, only their strength decreases slowly.
Clear signs of a correctly performed treatment are the following: a dry mouth, cold toes and cold feet. During the treatment the body will also indicate when it is saturated and the kidneys are working optimally, by transpiring under the feet. It is strongly recommended to give the patient a glass of water during the first treatment.
A lot of patients have received so much regular medical treatment that they react within thirty seconds to five minutes. The opposite can also be the case, the reaction to the treatment could begin very slowly. This depends on the complete history of the disease and the condition the patient is in.
The areas of the body that are affected by the disease warm up, the same happens with the fingers and toes of the corresponding meridians. Because of this, it is very important to thoroughly feel the feet and map all areas with increased and decreased temperature.

A good example is the treatment of arthrosis in the right knee: at first, the right knee warms up while the left knee cools down. After some time (during which the patient is regularly treated, with an average of once a week) this effect turns around and the left knee warms up.

Hugo Nielsen called this phenomenon a parallel shift. During the treatment with needles, the same temperature changes occur in the areas under the feet corresponding with the knees. Obviously, knowledge of foot reflex therapy is a great advantage here, because the temperature changes in the feet can be used to double check the applied treatment, in addition
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
to the direct reactions elsewhere in the body, which will be noticed and described by the patient.
The Hugo Nielsen System has proved for example, that most diseases that are being treated with regular therapies (also including classical acupuncture) actually remain in the body when the patient has been cured of them. Actually the patient is not entirely cured of the diseases because they do not disappear completely from the body. During the treatment with the Hugo Nielsen System, the old symptoms return for a while and then leave the body entirely and permanently. This phenomenon, which is described in Hering’s law, is well known in the classical homeopathy. Hugo Nielsen’s theory is that people become weaker during their life, because diseases pile up in the body. The patients are supposedly cured of the disease, but the memory of it remains
in the body. This could cause the same disease to come back again later or, in accumulation with newer diseases, return in another form.
This development is of course influenced by predisposition, life style, medication, viral infections, psychological influences and so on. The speed of this development depends on ourselves for a large part, and with the Hugo Nielsen system we seem to be able to control the entire process.
The patient experiences the whole development during the treatment and talks about this, the therapist just sees to it that everything goes well.
In all circumstances the old diseases will come back during the treatment with the Hugo Nielsen System. Eventually they will leave the body’s memory entirely and never return again. Many old pains come back. Old inflammations return. Reactions like colds, influenza, attacks of fever, pollinosis and other allergy attacks occur. Common symptoms for almost everybody are: digestive problems, pyrosis, intestinal problems, disruptions in the menstrual
cycle and last but not least, reactions in old surgical cicatrices from appendectomy, cholecystectomy, adenotonsillectomy etc. It seems that an operation does not heal the patient, it just shifts the problems to a later point in time, which often causes a more serious situation then. The majority of these problems only occur for a short while, a couple of minutes for example.

Older diseases, which have been present in the body for thirty to forty years, can cause complaints that last for longer periods, sometimes even weeks. Drinking large amounts of water can relieve the inconveniences of this. Once a process is started, it cannot be undone. The only thing you can do is stretching it in time so that it becomes less concentrated and therefore easier to endure for the patient.
The system is a study in itself and it is necessary to visit the Hugo Nielsen Institute for this. A very long period of training is required to be able to understand and map all reactions the patients show during the treatment.
The insertion technique is very important, the needle has to be placed on the cuticle of the finger or toe. Do not insert it perpendicular into Ga 44 for example, this will not have the desired effect. Instead of stimulating the nerve, you will stab the needle right into it, which will cause numbness. To stimulate a nerve you should contact it, but not directly touch it with the needle. The needle should be inserted parallel to the nail bed, just below the cuticle. It
must not be placed deeper than two to three millimeters and should cause hardly if any pain.
In the course of years Hugo Nielsen has implemented his system, tested it and refined it over and over again. The following treatment scheme, which looks very simple at first sight, is the scheme he has been using in cancer treatment for years already:
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
1. Ga 44 + Ga 44
2. Ga 44 + Ga 44
Le 2 + Le 2
3. Ma 45 + Ma 45
4. Ga 44 + Ga 44
Ma 45 + Ma 45
5. Ga 44 + Ga 44
Bl 67 + Bl 67
It takes very long practice to be able to recognize when it is time for moving on from one phase to the next phase in this therapy. After reading this thesis you should certainly not start treating cancer patients on your own. It requires a thorough study. The above-mentioned is only intended as an illustration.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
Every body cell contains (with the DNA in the nucleus) all necessary information about almost everything that has ever happened in the body, and also about what the consequences of these developments were.
This general information in the cells is not always capable of preventing a lapse in our system. Sometimes, like for example in the case of cancer development, such a lapse can lead to a deadly disease.
Because of this, Hugo Nielsen felt the need to develop an instrument to not only relief or take away the pain, but to also improve the effectiveness of the acupuncture therapy. It is an instrument that directly “communicates” with the cells and is able to restore or prevent a lapse as mentioned above.
To accomplish this, Hugo Nielsen researched large parts of cell biology, biochemistry, neurology, psychology and electronics. He does not pretend to be omniscient and he admits that still lots of research needs to be done, but nonetheless he has developed a unique device.
The basic principle is that all acupuncture points are areas with great activity on the field of biological data exchange. This total amount of information controls all mental and physiological functions in the body and builds up an energy pattern around the body, which actually is a reflection of what is going on inside of the body. Part of this energy is of a general physical kind, like the heat radiation of the body, which is also measurable. The thermovision scan method is already being used for years. Other wellknown examples are the ECG device and CT scan.
In Hugo Nielsen’s view however, more subtle elements exist in our life processes and so he is trying to reveal them.
He assumes that everything in our body (like anything else in the universe), vibrates on a certain frequency. When we have complaints or a disease, some of these frequencies are disturbed and they deviate slightly from the rest.
His Cell Com System consists of a small device that operates on a nine-volt battery. It contains a small computer. With the two electrodes, red (-) on the left side of the body and black (+) on the right side, all frequencies in the body are being checked and the wrong ones are picked out. After the measuring phase, which takes approximately one minute, the good frequencies are sent directly from the device through the electrodes and the corresponding
acupuncture points back to the body. Initially the electrodes are positioned on acupuncture points. The body areas that are connected with these points will be specifically checked and treated, but at the same time the rest of the body is also being included in the treatment.
The practical use of the Cell Com System is relatively easy and most cancer patients use the device at home, three times a day for a few minutes. In addition to this they are treated with needles, usually once or twice a week.
Several researchers, among which Prof. Svetoslav Danev from Bulgary, already conducted research showing measurable and statistically significant improvements in biochemical parameters when patients are treated with the Cell Com System.
Four years ago the EU even granted the Hugo Nielsen Institute a subsidy for building a larger research center to further develop the system.
Currently he is working together with several professors and cancer specialists in Denmark. In acupuncture as well as in the Cell Com treatment, a lot of waste products are released.
They leave the body through urine, perspiration and mucus (mucus from the airways as well as vaginal mucus). This involves that the patient should drink enough, preferably clear water,
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
two to three liters a day. In the beginning this can be difficult, but after a while most patients notice that they automatically start drinking more because their body needs more water. When the treatment is having effect, the patient often gets a dry mouth. Other typical temporary signs are stronger smelling or differently colored defecation, or stronger smelling perspiration.
Another occurring effect is an increased appetite, without a noticeable increase in body weight. It seems that the body needs the extra nutrition to rebuild itself.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
As I already mentioned in the introduction, I have been working with the Hugo Nielsen System for more than four years. I use both his acupuncture system and the Cell Com System. I applied it to different patients with all kinds of diseases and complaints, but I will refine myself to the use for cancer treatment. In the following paragraphs I will describe a few patients from my own practice.

Patient 1
The first patient is a sixty-five year old woman, who first visited me in September 1999.
In June of the same year mammary carcinoma was discovered in the right mamma with metastases in the supraclavicular lymph nodes on the same side. She was first treated with cytostatics and then had breast-saving surgery with radiation therapy. Only three weeks later metastases were found in the skin of the radiated area. She then had to undergo surgical ablation of the right mamma and a large part of the skin, followed by a skin transplant.
At the moment se came to visit me, new metastases had already developed in the skin around the operation area. Three weeks before she had started another course of treatment with cytostatics, which made her feel very nauseated and ill.
Her history:
– 10 years ago: lumbar herniation of the nucleus pulposus, no surgery, currently fairly good
– 10 years ago: period with a lot of migraine, currently ok
– 17 years old: appendicitis with appendectomy
– 21 years old: tonsillectomy
– In recent years: some arthrosis complaints and sometimes periosteum pains on both shinbones
I treated her with acupuncture: Insertion in Ga 44 by the Hugo Nielsen method showed a good reaction after nine to ten minutes. Her left foot became cold and started perspiring. A bit later the right foot responded in the same way.
From this first day on she treated herself three times a day with the Cell Com System on Le 2 and Ga 44.

Since then we continued this treatment: acupuncture once a week, mainly on Ga 44 and Le 2, and additionally the Cell Com System for use at home. From the first week on she started to feel less nauseated and more energetic.
In the three years she has been visiting me, she has been feeling very well and fit. Some old complaints came back, like a back pain for example, but they disappeared relatively quickly again.
In November 2000 red spots appeared on her left arm, mainly on the upper arm and arm pit. These were the same spots that had indicated her metastases on the right side twice before. Naturally, this was quite a shock for the patient.
The specialist could not find anything unusual and a few hours later the spots had already started fading. The next day they were completely gone. This phenomenon is a very good sign according to the Hugo Nielsen System. It indicates that the body is paralleling things, which restores the balance between left and right.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment

The patient is in excellent condition at the moment and is leading a very active life. It is also remarkable that this patient, who has suffered very aggressive mammary carcinoma judging by the rapid metastases twice, has now already been free of complaints for more than three years.

Patient 2

This patient is also a woman. I have been treating her since January 2000, she was 58 years old then. In 1986 a malignant melanoma was removed from her back. For years she did not have any problems until in July 1999 she started coughing up blood and metastases were found in the left lung. The lower lobe of the left lung was removed then, but five months later, in December 1999, the CT scan showed metastases in the right lung and a small subcutaneous
source in the right mamma.
Aside from a relapsing infection of the upper airways and some light back pains, the patient had always been healthy. In January 2000 we started the treatment, at first we used acupuncture only in Ga 44 and three times a day Cell Com on Le 2 and Ga 44 at home. Later we used needles in Ga 44 and Le 2.
In January 2001, after more than a year of weekly acupuncture treatment and regular use of the Cell Com System, most metastases in the right lung were stable. They had not increased in size and one small source had disappeared on the CT scan of December 2000. The subcutaneous metastasis in the right mamma was also stable.

The patient has been in good condition the whole time and has not been using medication As expected with regard to her history, she has suffered periods of persistent colds, which went by without too many problems however. For some weeks she also had severe back pains. She was immediately examined for metastases because of this, but there were none to be found. After approximately five weeks the pains had disappeared again.
Status on 27 September 2002:
The CT scan in August 2001 did not show any metastases anymore, and to this day it stayed like this. The patient is in excellent condition, feels good and is very active.
Patient 3
This is a fifty-five year old man. In March 2000 he was diagnosed with abdominal mesothelioma. Aside from his bad hearing, caused by a double otitis media in his childhood, the patient had always been healthy. A few weeks before the diagnosis his abdomen started swelling. First ascites and soon mesothelioma were diagnosed. He was examined in the Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam, where he was found to be too good for a cytostatics treatment.
Six weeks later he returned to have 11,5 liters of fluid removed. They also started an experimental chemotherapy. He was supposed to undergo this treatment every three weeks. At the same time excess fluid would be removed if necessary.
When he came to my practice, by the end of October 2000, he had already received chemotherapy four times, and every three weeks five to nine liters of fluid were removed.
The cytostatics treatment hardly caused him any trouble. For a couple of days he had influenza and a lack of energy, but after this he was in fine condition again.
I treated him with the Hugo Nielsen system once a week and after a month he started treating himself with the Cell Com System. He felt well during this whole period. In the beginning of November 2000 another CT scan was made of the abdomen. It looked as if the different tumor locations were somewhat reduced in size. This image stayed stable until now, although they
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment

stopped chemotherapy in January 2001 because of reduced ejection fraction and cardiotoxicity.
The patient has experienced periods of twinges and irritations occurring on several locations in the abdomen. The production of ascites also seems to be decreasing since November 2000.
Shortly after this he got influenza and one week later he had a fever alternated with shivers. This lasted for about five days. After this he recovered and the ascites still remained visibly reduced.
I experienced this phenomenon more often with this treatment method. When obstructions/the remains of old diseases/the malignant disease process itself are being removed, the patients often experience a period of influenza and shivers, often without but sometimes with fever and fatigue. The duration of these symptoms can vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, sometimes with changing intensity. My (limited) experience has shown that this is also a positive sign of the healing process.
Status on 27 September 2002:
In March 2002 the patient was acutely admitted to the hospital with heart rhythm disturbances, probably caused by the chemotherapy he received earlier. Because of this a new CT scan of the abdomen and thorax was mad after some months. It showed that the tumors in the abdomen had completely stopped developing. The CT scan of the thorax was clean. Currently the patient is in excellent condition. He has been in hospital for the heart rhythm
disturbances twice again and is now using medication for it. Since May 2002 the formation of ascites decreased significantly and since July 2002 the fluid production is so low that the patient does not need punctures anymore. Shortly after the substantial decrease of the ascites production he started a new course of experimental chemotherapy. So far the patient has been
receiving this therapy very well.
The CT scan of the abdomen in July 2002 showed that in comparison to earlier research the tumor masses had not increased in size at all.
I could go on describing more example situations, but I will not do that. These examples are intended as illustrations only and not as any proof.
I chose to describe my own patients rather then using the examples from Hugo Nielsen’s practice. The results might have been more spectacular, but I thought it more important to show that his system is transferable and that other people can also achieve good results with it. Especially when considering that I have been using the Hugo Nielsen System for only four
years now, and that it takes several years to become completely acquainted with the system.
But, to put it in Hugo Nielsen’s words: “Practice is the best training”. With every patient you learn something new.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D.  6 April 2001

The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
As previously illustrated, it seems that the Hugo Nielsen System can make an important difference for cancer patients, even for those who cannot be treated medically anymore. Hugo Nielsen’s own results are even more evident. For more information on his research please refer to the bibliography section.
I am aware that I have been practicing the Hugo Nielsen method only very shortly (over four years) and the amount of examples is very limited. Also, in the process of cancer a period of a year or even a few months or weeks is often very short for drawing unambiguous conclusions. I decided to use my own patients as an example, to point out that the Hugo Nielsen System
can be applied to help people suffering from life threatening diseases like cancer very early. Even without being completely experienced in the method, it is possible to achieve good results. Therefore, it is certainly worth trying. Of course you should not use the system on your own. I am having regular contact with Hugo Nielsen and my colleagues in Norway.
For me and some other colleagues in Scandinavia and other countries it is clear that the Hugo Nielsen system is an objectively transferable system that can cause a revolutionary change in the treatment of cancer patients.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001
The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
In this thesis I try to give a description of the Hugo Nielsen System. The system consists of two elements: one is acupuncture with needles and the other is the Cell Com System, a device invented by Hugo Nielsen. This explanation is followed by some practical examples.
The conclusion is that this method can make an important difference for patients with life threatening diseases, especially cancer, and that it is a clearly transferable method.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001
The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment
1. The Hugo Nielsen System is transferable.
2. With the Hugo Nielsen System a lot can be done for people with serious diseases like cancer, even though regular medicine has given up.
3. Hugo Nielsen is not a doctor himself, but a very experienced acupuncturist with a lot of knowledge of biochemistry, physiology, pathology etc. He works together with professors from several universities in Denmark and other countries. Because of this and also because of his own treatment results, his research results and the fact that the EU granted him a subsidy for building an own research institute, the Dutch Medical Acupuncture Society (NAAV)
should invite Hugo Nielsen to come and teach his system in the Netherlands.
By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 2001
The Hugo Nielsen System and cancer treatment


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By: M.Y. Meerburg, M.D. 6 April 200 1



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1. Hugo Nielsen Instituttet persondatapolitik Formålet med Hugo Nielsen Instituttet persondatapolitik er at forklare, hvordan vi indsamler, behandler og beskytter personoplysninger. Hugo Nielsen Instituttet har en klar ambition om at minimere behandlingen af dine personoplysninger så meget som muligt og at skabe en høj grad af transparens i forhold til de oplysninger, der behandles. Nærværende politik har således også til formål at oplyse dig om, hvilke af dine personoplysninger vi behandler, hvordan behandlingen foretages og hvilke rettigheder du selv kan gøre brug af. Såfremt du har spørgsmål eller henvendelser relateret til behandlingen af dine personoplysninger, er du altid velkommen til at tage kontakt. Kontaktoplysningerne kan bl.a. findes i denne politiks sidste afsnit. 2.Cookies Når du anvender Hugo Nielsen Instituttet hjemmeside, registreres dine standardindstillinger og i visse tilfælde din adfærd på hjemmesiden i en cookie. 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Logstatistik betyder, at et statistiksystem indsamler informationer, som kan give et statistisk billede af, hvor mange besøgende hjemmesiden har haft, hvor de kommer fra, på hvilken del af hjemmesiden den forlades mm. Der behandles ingen personoplysninger i forbindelse med logstatistik. Formålet med indsamlingen af straksnævnte oplysninger er hovedsageligt at skabe øget brugervenlighed, at måle effektivitet af tjenester og at dokumentere brug af Hugo Nielsen Instituttet netbutik. 4. Behandling ved køb i Hugo Nielsen Instituttet Netbutik Når du handler i Hugo Nielsen Instituttet netbutik, indsamles og registreres personoplysninger med det formål at kunne levere den ydelse til dig, som du har bestilt. Dine personoplysninger vil i den forbindelse udelukkende blive behandlet, såfremt du har givet dit samtykke til behandlingen og er indforstået med de behandlingsaktiviteter, der foretages. De personoplysninger, der i den forbindelse behandles, er fornavn, efternavn, vej og husnummer, postnummer, by, e-mail og telefonnummer. Disse oplysninger behandles (indsamles, registreres og opbevares), således at den aftalte ydelse kan leveres til dig. 5. Behandling ved køb af serviceydelser og oprettelse af medlemskab For at du kan oprette dig som medlem hos Hugo Nielsen Instituttet og i øvrigt anvende en lang række af de ydelser, som Hugo Nielsen Instituttet tilbyder, er det en forudsætning, at du giver dit samtykke til behandlingen af dine personoplysninger. De personoplysninger, der i den forbindelse behandles, vil adskille sig fra dem, der behandles, når du benytter vores hjemmeside – både for så vidt angår formål, retsgrundlag og behandlingsaktiviteter. For nærmere information omkring behandlingsaktiviteterne i forbindelse med medlemsoprettelse og lign. henvises til Hugo Nielsen Instituttet forretningsbetingelser https://Hugo Nielsen Nielsen Instituttet/Hugo Nielsen Instituttet-forretningsbetingelser. 6. Sikkerhed Hugo Nielsen Instituttet har implementeret en række tekniske og organisatoriske sikkerhedsforanstaltninger, for at beskytte dine personoplysninger mod misbrug. Helt konkret er der truffet foranstaltninger, som beskytter mod hændelig eller ulovlig tilintetgørelse, at dine oplysninger fortabes eller forringes, eller at dine oplysninger kommer uvedkommende til kendskab, misbruges eller i øvrigt behandles i strid med databeskyttelseslovgivningen. Hugo Nielsen Instituttet opbevarer og transmitterer ikke personoplysninger krypteret, men alle de personoplysninger, vi behandler, er dog beskyttet af en firewall. Ved betaling med betalingskort, sendes kortoplysninger endvidere krypteret til Hugo Nielsen Instituttet betalingsudbyder, hvorfor Hugo Nielsen Instituttet ikke har adgang til hverken konto- eller registreringsnumre. Derudover har vi implementeret adgangsstyring i en lang række af vores systemer, således at det kun er medarbejdere med et arbejdsbetinget behov, der har adgang til personoplysninger. Vi sørger løbende for at uddanne vores medarbejdere og har udarbejdet og implementeret en lang række politikker og procedurer for at sikre, at behandlingen af personoplysninger sker i overensstemmelse med de principper, der følger af persondataretten. Endelig kan det nævnes, at der foretages logning af adgangsforsøg og at udveksling af personoplysninger internt i Hugo Nielsen Instituttet, relativt ofte sker krypteret. Sikkerhedsforanstaltningerne gennemgås løbende og revideres i overensstemmelse med den teknologiske udvikling. Derudover er samtlige af Hugo Nielsen Instituttet medarbejdere underlagt tavshedspligt, hvorfor du kan være sikker på, at dine oplysninger behandles fortroligt. 7. Direkte markedsføring Hugo Nielsen Instituttet videregiver ikke dine personoplysninger til samarbejdspartnere eller tredjeparter, således at disse kan anvende dine oplysninger til direkte markedsføring. 8. Dine rettigheder Som registreret hos Hugo Nielsen Instituttet er du i besiddelse af en række rettigheder, som Hugo Nielsen Instituttet kan hjælpe dig med at varetage. Dette omfatter, at: Du altid kan henvende dig og anmode om at få indsigt i, hvilke personoplysninger vi behandler om dig, med hvilke formål vi behandler oplysningerne og om vi videregiver oplysningerne til andre. Du kan henvende dig og få berigtiget personoplysninger om dig. Du har ret til at få slettet dine personoplysninger hos Hugo Nielsen Instituttet permanent. Du har ret til at opnå en begrænset behandling af dine personoplysninger, således at Hugo Nielsen Instituttet eksempelvis kun kan behandle dem i en begrænset periode. Du kan anmode om at få dine personoplysninger udleveret og transmitteret frem til en ny dataansvarlig (dataportabilitet) Du kan gøre indsigelse mod behandlingen af dine personoplysninger, herunder anvendelsen af oplysningerne til direkte markedsføring. 9. Kontaktoplysninger Hugo Nielsen Instituttet kan som dataansvarlig for de personoplysninger, der behandles, kontaktes via følgende informationer: Hugo Nielsen Instituttet Kirkealle 14 6510 Gram Telefon: 74 82 22 33 E-mail:
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