Parallel Acupuncture, Cell Com Therapy and ECIWO Theory

Hugo Nielsen is the inventor of Parallel acupuncture and is now part of the international cooperation in The BBRS WORLD Medical Parallel Acupuncture “the therapeutic control medicine”

Acupuncture is regulating medicine.

In ECIWO therapy and Parallel Acupuncture of Hugo Nielsen we try to use the Basic Biological Regulatory System (BBRS) of Plants, Animals and Humans as regeneration and restoration possibility.

This regeneration and recovery ability of organisms we call today “BBRS Parallel Acu-puncture”. It uses the ECIWO Theory and ECIWO Biology of professor Yingqing Zhang together with the theories of Hugo Nielsen (Parallel Acupuncture and Cell Com System) as an explanation for the “trigger” of the latent regenerative capacity in the human body.
This combination of modern views on the regeneration of animal and human tissues, was created by a collaboration of three TCM acupuncturists: Hugo Nielsen (Denmark), Ron Zoet and Bert Pijnenburg (Netherlands).

This “awakening” again of the original regeneration capacity of our body has its origins in the so-called Basic Biological Regulatory System.
In the application of BBRS Parallel Acupuncture we asked ourselves the following questions:
– How does the Cellular Immunological System, the Humero-Hormonal System and Neurogenic System “communicate” with the tissue cells of mammals?
– What happens when these (bio) communications get upset?
– Does this distortion of the (bio) communication lead to serious illnesses and symptoms?

This idea of disruption of the BBRS will be concrete:
Hugo Nielsen, Ron Zoet and Bert Pijnenburg wondered at what extent they
can “objectify disease”.
How does the body react on an attack of illness?
Also, they wondered how such information from the immune system, which defends the body, is transported.

Both Hugo Nielsen, Ron Zoet and Bert Pijnenburg assumed that all the gathered information by the Cellular Immunological system, Humero-Hormonal System and Neurogenic System about the situation in the body, is being stored in a “memory system”.
All previously acquired responses to this BBRS diseases and complaints, in the course of evolution, are stored in the genes. This genetic information is recorded in the cell nucleus.
These survival systems are always, if necessary, immediately accessible.

In answering these questions Hugo Nielsen, Ron Zoet and Bert Pijnenburg noticed that the fundamental information (BBRS communication) of all cells in both plants, animals and humans, are a form of “protein communication”.
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