Parallel Acupuncture in the Norwegian health system.

E-mail 17-12-2012
Fyresdal municipality is the first commune in Norway to offer their inhabitants the best from both western and eastern medicine. We will integrate alternative medicine in our medical support to people in Fyresdal as a supplement to western medicine.

We want especially to emphasis preventive issues and our goal is to achieve premium health and vitality for our inhabitants.
As a step towards to this we have decided to send 1 western doctor and 3 nurses to Hugo Nilsens Institute in Denmark to learn his system parallel acupuncture.
We have chosen Hugo Nilsen because of his extensive experience and good references in Norway. In addition his system is basically simple and easy for patients to treat and help themselves.
We will now thoroughly follow this up and document and evaluate the results. I have a strong belief in this and expect extraordinary results. Our goal is also to produce so strong and surprising results that we attract people to Fyresdal.

Fyresdal commune
Erik Skjervagen