Berit has had arthritis for 21 years

Berit has had arthritis for 21 years but thanks to parallel-acupuncture she has functioned very well the last 14 years
This is a reunion with the forty-four year old Berit Jepsen, Randers, Denmark, who was only twenty-four-year-old when she became ill with arthritis. In her first interview with Acu-News she told how ”all joints – feet, hands, elbows and knees – were violently swollen” when she fourteen years ago together with her husband went to Gram and had parallel-acupuncture.

Text: Bodil Moes

It is a long time since Berit Jepsen has been treated with gold for her arthritis and she has not been exposed to the medicine which because of serious side-effects has been withdrawn. She is an arthritis-patient who in spite of a cronic illness still is functioning very well and is able to attend to her part-time job at a pharmacy in line with her colleagues.

”I am just as well as when we talked three and a half year ago,” she says. ”As I told you it took some time without any special changes when I fourteen years ago started to have parallel-acupuncture, but when some day I asked Hugo Nielsen if he thought that I would ever get better he reminded me that he had never promised to cure me but only to help me getting better. That promise he kept! Gradually my fingers could be stretched and all swellings of wrists, elbows, knees and feet were gone, while treatments with gold were no longer needed.

No change of diet
When I tell Berit, that the arthritis-association – when informed about the effect of parallel-acupuncture – let their dietisian decide that it was not worth mentioning to the members, Berit says: ”I have not changed my diet. I eat normal food, but I stick to the parallel-acupuncture which saved me. Every fortnight I drive to Gram for treatment and every night I use my Cell Com apparatus. At the pharmacy I carry out different jobs and participate among other things in our new project of driving medicine to customers who are not able to fetch it.”

”Thanks to parallel-acupuncure I both became able to use my education and to experience feeling well after my illness – from 1985 to 1992 – had only got worse and worse. That is why I every fortnight still drive the 170 kilometres from Randers to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram which may be difficult for other people to understand.

Randers, Denmark

June 8th, 2006