Four years without medical treatment

Four years without medical treatment of an incurable type of leukaemia

Sixty-four years old Jens Amby Jensen, Stadil in Jytland, Denmark, has always felt it annoying that the Danish authorities have not been willing to accept the parallelacupuncture which now for four years has made it unnecessary for him to get medical treatment.

That is why he – for the third time – wants to tell people that he still has a good life with parallelacupuncture which he gets every second or third week at The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram, and with two times daily use at home of his Cell Com apparatus.

Text: Bodil Moes

”It was in the spring of 2001 I had the diagnosis Valenström Disease. I was then told that it was an incurable type of leukaemia which I could probably live with for several years but not without treatment. It was, however, a risk that the disease might become more aggressive, and then the doctors could do nothing.

As soon as I had got the diagnosis I listened to a friend who told me about his father and his father´s sister who both, seven years ago, had been told by the doctors that they had only three months to live. They had then chosen to get parallelacupuncture, and they were still still living in the best of health.

Then I decided to begin weekly treatments of parallelacupuncture just after i had started on chemotherapy. The result was that my condition very quickly – after only a few months – was considerably improved so that I was able to stop the chemotherapy-treatments earlier then normally.”

I live the life of an active pensioner
”The first years I sometimes felt, that my condition was so good, that I could do without acupuncture when I was on extended holidays. Every time it had, however, a bad effect, which the bloodtests taken at Holstebro Hospital at once proved.

When I last had dodged the acupuncture for a long time and – in 2002 – had gone to USA for six weeks my condition was considerably worsened and I had again to receive medical treatment which was ended earlier than normally.
Since that time there has not been non-appearance worth mentioning as to my receiving acupuncture.

The last years I have, however, ventured for longer periods not to get acupuncture as my condition today must be described as very good. So good that I live a perfectly normal life as a very active pensioner, going hunting and enjoying outdoor life. Furthermore I am in the process of rebuilding my old farm in Stadil and I enjoy to be able to be on the go all day long.”

Doctors`attitude to acupuncture
”The doctors at Holstebro Hospital do not exactly comment on what surprisingly had happened to me but after four-five years they follow me with a certain part of interest.
When I have accentuated that they ought to remember that I for the whole period has been treated with parallelacupuncture the answer has been, that it is probably very good and that I must by all means continue the treatment.

One doctor has, however, dissociated himself completely from any kind of acupuncture as there according to him were no scientific proofs of the effect of something like that. It is unpleasant to meet such a doctor but he was young and new in the profession.

It makes me feel secure that I every third month has a check-up at the hospital being confirmed that the numbers of the bloodtests are fine and on the whole all are normal. As the disease is incurable it is still in me and I guess that the doctors are surprised that it is not spreading again and demanding traditional treatment.”

Hometreatment two times a day
”Beyond going to the institute in Gram every second or third week I daily two times use my Cell Com apparatus on the points 12 and 4 on both feet, a point near my thumbs and a point on the outside of my legs which according to acupuncturist Lone Nielsen should increase the production of the red blood corpuscles which I need. That it seems to be the case the tests taken at my visits to the hospital show.

Moreover it is rather thought-provoking that I who had to take early retirement because of a bad back as a ”secondary effect” of the needles and Cell Com has become so much better throughout the years that I in week 9 am going to Norway to enjoy cross-country skiing,” Jens Dalby Jensen ends his report.

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