Heavy pains from oedemas are now gone

It was a colleague who told twenty-eight year old Karina Buch Holtzhausen, Sdr. Stenderup, Denmark, about Hugo Nielsen, who had helped her father.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

Karina then phoned Hugo Nielsen and told him about some oedemas in her right leg, which gave her heavy pains. Hugo Nielsen was ready to help her for in his work at the University Hospital in Bremen oedemas have become one of his specialities.

Only pain-relieving and
Support stockings

About three horrible years Karina tells: ”It all started with a birthmark with cancer in it, and the cancer had spread to the lymph glands in my right leg. Since I have had four operations. Not only I had oedemas in my leg which were almost impossible to live with but if I had scratches on my leg I got erysipelas and had to go to the hospital to be treated with strong medicine.”

The doctors told me to wear a support stocking if I did not lie in bed, and gradually I thought that I was going to have these pains for the rest of my life. The only thing the doctors would/could was to give me pain-killing drugs”

After eight to ten treatments
there was really a difference

”Two and a half month ago I first came to Gram and since I have been there two times a week, ”Karina tells. When I had my first treatment I – after only four to five seconds – could feel that something was happening in my body and after eight to ten treatments I could tell a real difference”.

”Now I have a life without painkilling drugs and support stockings and am again able to work without limitations and even start to consider the future. My cheerfulness has come back!”

Sdr. Stenderup, Denmark
June 20 the, 2009