Hypertension, and what now?

The amount of blood pressure means the heart of what service to provide. An ever on the normal values lying in blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for the development of arteriosclerosis and its dangerous consequences: heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

I myself suffer since more than 20 years of high blood pressure repeatedly with different measurements and thereby also repeatedly kerned discomfort and condition. Since my parents just as concerned with hypertension and were already in age from 60 years to the consequences of a stroke or heart attack died, I knew full well the importance of regular monitoring of blood pressure.

After I found that the systolic pressure above 160 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure over 95 mm Hg continuously exceeded the limits, of course, was a medical treatment is necessary. Since that time, I must have antihypertensive tablets. As it is not simply a patient from the outset to set the correct medication, I was also in the years with various tablets supplies. At the beginning I had a very high dose taking, in over the years, however, had to take a tablet per day reduced.

2 years ago, I got at irregular intervals dizziness which time and again only a few seconds and stopped very unpleasant. After some medical tests such as orthopaedics’, neurology, ENT and again taking additional medication had not changed until the day, 05.12.2005, where the acupuncture treatment “parallel treatment” on the Hugo Nielsen Institute in Bremen began.

From week to week was not only my well being always better. The dizziness – attacks disappeared after 14 days (3 treatments). My blood pressure had normalized after 4 weeks on average to 120/80 mm Hg. The need for tablets was then to ½ tablet a day reduced. The normal values are to this day remains.

Not only is the problem, “hypertension”, but the general condition, more strength, endurance / or any physical and stressful situation had with me after the weekly acupuncture parallel – treatment by 100% positive. During each treatment literally feel a new elixir of a well being and peace of course parallel with the acupuncture. It is also the wonderful atmosphere at the institute and the unique nature of the Acupuncturist Hugo Nielsen him self.

I will not only speak from my experience, but in the last few sentences of this report also from the hearts of others patients I know. I thank you here and now for everything you have done, and the hope still a long way to have this treatment not only in the event of illness, but also lead to further prophylactic.

With parallel acupuncture is really good!

Vera Lehm
20th January 2007