I was possible!

I’ve just been checking at the University Hospital in Aarhus fore my goitre. It was attended by both a medical and a surgical Consultant.

And the Surgical Consultant began with an incredible phrase: “I can delight you with that if you accept our offer of operation is goitre declined so much, that you do not need to be cut. We can pry it out now.”

I got a copy of the scan, which was conducted a few weeks before. Struma is exactly right to claim the leg and the left goes on about. 2 ½ cm lower leg.

In January, I was also to control and it was with the same medical Consultant and a second surgeon. I had a list of the dates and centimetres of my goitre had disappeared. At its thickest part the decreased 5 cm. But the doctors wanted to see a scan. They could not deal with a piece of paper. I could tell that I had asked the secretary in advance of the scan, so it was clear in control, but it is only doctors who should get what I was told.

Both doctors were very sweet – they decided to get the scan so quickly, there was space. And it was then that I received the results of day.
I was told by the Surgical Consultant, that nothing exists in the health system; he belongs to may have goitre to shrink. Nevertheless, it was therefore diminished.
I told the doctors that I chose to continue with the parallel acupuncture as goitre may be even smaller. But I’d like a new control on half years.

Doctors had no objection to my decision. They wanted me on top of luck when I went. I think they are very curious to see what happen. Den new date, I have been – it becomes the 9th September 2009. 13.15 a clock.

I simply can not grasp that parallel acupuncture is not a natural part of the health system. There will always be some who will undergo surgery, but there should be an offer so that people can choose.

In connection with an operation, in 5% of cases at risk of damaging the voice bands, so that no sound comes out when you speak. And then I have to go to the speech therapist. It is not very useful when one’s work largely consists in talking with people and give lectures.

So I want to say thanks to Lone and Hugo.


Many greetings
Alice Broer-Hansen