Impossible to operate deadly tumour

Impossible to operate deadly tumour in the lung
but Hugo`s needles could have finished it off.

Next week fifty-nine year old Irene Jensen, Koege, Denmark, and her husband go on a trip to the Rhine to celebrate that Irene`s death sentence six months ago has been annulled. It happened when a doctor at the hospital last week told her: ”The tumour is totally gone!”
It was in 2003!

Ms. Irene Jensen has just visited us in Gram and we will announce that she is still excellent.

Irene notify us gratifying that the last scanning said – nothing to find.

Text: Bodil Moes

Irene Jensen realized that something was wrong when she in November last year was brushing her teeth. ”I had got too much toothpaste in my mouth and when I started coughing and spitting I saw blood,” she tells.

On November 22nd last year the doctors found out that I had a tumour in my lung which was placed so unfortunately that it was impossible to operate. It was, however, not until the end of January that they found out that it was a type of cancer of which you could die – specially when it was in the lung. I left the hospital without the slightest hope for one doctor said to me: ”I suppose you realize that this is life-threatening?”

Blood samples with incredible result
When you are told that you have cancer and are sent home to wait before starting at the hospital a lot of thoughts race through your brain such as: Is there anything I can do?
At that time we had just subscribed to the daily newspaper ”Dagbladet” and one evening my husband lay in his bed and read a discussion article about health service that still did not realize what the acupuncturist Hugo Nielsen, Gram, was able to do for a cancer patient.”

”We got in contact with him, and in February we went to the clinic twice a week, and at the same time I started having chemotherapy. It was one of the strongest types and I didn´t get four series like the other patients but six series. Still they all talked a lot about how well I looked and how good a colour I had.

I also surprised the doctors with my weekly blood samples for one week the numbers were down and the next week the were very much up! The doctors didn´t understand it. ”Have you had a blood transfusion?” I was asked on several occasions. ”No, I have had parallel-acupuncture,” I answered.

It was good to meet a positive person
”Maybe my husband and I had a little doubt when we first drove to the clinic but here we met Hugo Nielsen, a positive person, who said that he would certainly try to help med. As an added bonus my husband was treated for his migraine and he has not – touch wood – had new attacks. For both of us it was an great experience when there one day on the coach beside me lay a woman who told us about a friend`s result.

About ten years ago she had had a tumour which the doctors was unable to remove. Then Hugo Nielsen had treated her and she still lived in the best of health. ”Life-threatening” and ”may die” had closed in on us and we really needed to hear something else. Gradually our trips to Gram became a nice picnic for at the clinic something really happened to me!”

Half-way through chemo the tumour had diminished by 50 percent
”The hospital planned that the very strong chemo should shrink the tumour, then
would follow radiation treatment and maybe an operation. In mid-April I was – half-way through the chemotherapy – scanned and to the doctors` surprise the tumour had diminished by 50 percent. That was spectacularly they said and told be to go home and celebrate it with two bottles of champagne.”

”Mid-June the chemotherapy came to an end and a scanning showed a further shrink of the tumour. It was also found that the cancer in some lymph glands was gone.”
”At one time I had a temperature and I was X-rayed to see if I might have a pneumonia. That was not the case but I was on that occasion told that my cancer apparently had disappeared.”

”At a check-up a week ago the doctor had seen my X-ray pictures and she told me that as a matter of fact the tumour was totally gone – with the reservation that I must come for a new check-up and scanning in two months.”

Cell Com will be in our luggage on the trip
”Next week we shall not drive to the clinic in Gram. In stead we shall celebrate with an eight days trip to the Rhine! That it is parallel-acupuncture I can thank for the new life I have been given my husband and I have no doubt about.”

I had the luck that a toothbrushing revealed a disease which at the time gave me no symptoms, and I had the luck that we just had subscribed to ”Dagbladet” who helped us on the track of Hugo Nielsen. On our trip to the Rhine we shall have in our luggage a special thing – a Cell Com apparatus which treats the body according to the same principles as parallel-acupuncture needles. Two minutes on point 12 and two minutes on point 4 on both feet are all what it takes and that is surmountable.”

Koege, Denmark
September 10th, 2003