Big struma became invisible

Every two weeks the sixty-seven year old former driver Sven Erik Christensen, Nim, Denmark, drives the ninety-four kilometres to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram where he twenty years ago arrived with a very big struma. He only did it because of some articles I many years ago wrote in the Danish weekly ”Hendes Verden”.

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Berit has had arthritis for 21 years

Berit has had arthritis for 21 years but thanks to parallel-acupuncture she has functioned very well the last 14 years
This is a reunion with the forty-four year old Berit Jepsen, Randers, Denmark, who was only twenty-four-year-old when she became ill with arthritis. In her first interview with Acu-News she told how ”all joints – feet, hands, elbows and knees – were violently swollen” when she fourteen years ago together with her husband went to Gram and had parallel-acupuncture.

Text: Bodil Moes

It is a long time since Berit Jepsen has been treated with gold for her arthritis and she has not been exposed to the medicine which because of serious side-effects has been withdrawn. She is an arthritis-patient who in spite of a cronic illness still is functioning very well and is able to attend to her part-time job at a pharmacy in line with her colleagues.

”I am just as well as when we talked three and a half year ago,” she says. ”As I told you it took some time without any special changes when I fourteen years ago started to have parallel-acupuncture, but when some day I asked Hugo Nielsen if he thought that I would ever get better he reminded me that he had never promised to cure me but only to help me getting better. That promise he kept! Gradually my fingers could be stretched and all swellings of wrists, elbows, knees and feet were gone, while treatments with gold were no longer needed.

No change of diet
When I tell Berit, that the arthritis-association – when informed about the effect of parallel-acupuncture – let their dietisian decide that it was not worth mentioning to the members, Berit says: ”I have not changed my diet. I eat normal food, but I stick to the parallel-acupuncture which saved me. Every fortnight I drive to Gram for treatment and every night I use my Cell Com apparatus. At the pharmacy I carry out different jobs and participate among other things in our new project of driving medicine to customers who are not able to fetch it.”

”Thanks to parallel-acupuncure I both became able to use my education and to experience feeling well after my illness – from 1985 to 1992 – had only got worse and worse. That is why I every fortnight still drive the 170 kilometres from Randers to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram which may be difficult for other people to understand.

Randers, Denmark

June 8th, 2006

An incurable disease held in peace – checked away with BBRS

An incurable illness held in peace – checked away with BBRS acupuncture

Eighteen years ago the now thirty-four year old Thea R. Aunbøl, Årre, Denmark, was attacked by the rare and incurable illness in the connective tissues, lupus, which attacks the internal organs. This is her report of a nightmare that ended when her mother took her to The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram.

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After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Klaus Mikkelsen, Kolding, Denmark, has had some fantastic experiences since he met Hugo Nielsen, Gram, in the summer of 1997. His daughter’s influenza which normally lasts a week only lasted nine hours when Hugo Nielsen had treated the patient with Cell Com, and Klaus Mikkelsen points out that he and his family have had none days lost through illness since they got their own Cell Com.

Our knowledge of Cell Com started when Hugo Nielsen visited us at a time when my daughter had the flu. He offered to treat her with this apparatus, and the result was that a good old-fashioned influenza only lasted nine hours! says Klaus Mikkelsen.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

– Shortly after – during my holidays – I got heavy pains in my back and was unable to to anything. Then I called Hugo og asked if he was also able to cope with that, and so he thought.
– I came limping into the clinic and lay on a couch while Hugo put four acupuncture needles in my feet for half an hour. Then I was able to get up quite effortless and without pain, and the following day I rode 50 kilomtres on my bicycle!

It looks as if I escape having
an operation on my knee

– My wife had recently undergone breast-surgery, and I asked Hugo if he could make her lymph-system work as it should. She has now visited his clinic for one year and feel perfectly all right. Already six months after she had started the acupuncture treatment she went skiing in the Alps, and no one would believe that she had been so ill.

– Of course we have our own Cell Com which is used frequently for instance to prevent catching a cold. Since we have got it we have had none days lost through illness.

– When I recently got problems with my knee the hospital offered me an operation but after I have been to Hugo Nielsen’s clinic ten times I have asked the hospital to let me be on the waiting list. It looks as if I escape having an operation on my knee for it is functioning normally and I am again able to go up and down stairs and use my bicycle!

Kolding, September 3rd, 1998.

Acupuncture with and without needles: Where is 30 ovarian cysts?

Acupuncturist and Physiotherapist Arild Helle, Rosendal in Norway, which have many years of experience with parallel acupuncture had Margita Aksnes to acupuncture in 2002, where he demonstrated a Cell Com System processing against fever.

I first experienced even now 8 years later. I was on the Internet and found out, that Margita Aksnes herself treat patients with the Cell Com System on her Clinic. Margita Aksnes have furthermore a very large approved Kennel for dogs together with her husband. I was interested in hearing what experience she had with the Cell Com as treatment system and I sent her an email. And with permission I bring her answer to my email. 19.2.2010.
Bought my Cell Com in 2002 and have used it on my self and my family. I have much good to say about your system, has helped me to become healthier. Went even with chronic fever in 6 years, but after a few treatments with the Cell Com System disappeared the fever.

Has helped well on asthma my children too. Can also mention that I have PCO syndrome, a disease that makes it add up ovarian cysts. I was before the start of Cell Com treatments to the doctor and he found over 30 pieces of ovarian cysts with ultrasound. When I came back to my doctor after 6 weeks fooled them, if they had found the wrong journal since ALL my cysts were gone.

They asked me what I had done the last 6 weeks. I said the truth that I had used the Cell Com System. When the doctor was furious and said that it was not possible that such a thing could have worked.
So that your system has worked I am 100 % sure.

A huge hug from a satisfied user from Norway through 8 years.

Regards Margita Aksnes
Uskedal Road 719
5463 Uskedalen

A sprained knee

After Cell Com-treatment a sprained knee was perfectly all right next morning

Jytte Andersen, Karup, Denmark, had in rapid succession two amazing experiences with the Cell Com apparatus she had purchased after she had seen a demonstration on TV. First Cell Com removed a severe inflammation in her big toe, and next it cured a sprained knee in only one night.

”I am crazy about this apparatus ,”Jytte Andersen says, when she tells about the Cell Com, which she happened to see on TV during her summer holidays.
”I wanted to see something on text-TV and suddenly I hit TV where they had a program about Hugo Nielsen og Cell Com. My husband who also saw the program afterwards said: ”You have to get that apparatus, Jytte!”

”Together we visited The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram where Glenn Jensen demonstrated how Cell Com was used as self-treatment.”

Text: Bodil Moes

When the big toe got inflammated I decided to try my Cell Com

The family had no acute need to use the Cell Com when they bought it. They thought of it as an emergency box which some day would be useful.
”One day I have my one big toe bruised, and as I walk a lot on the job the wound would not heal.
At last it was rather inflammated, and suddenly I remembered the apparatus. It´s now you shall use Cell Com, I thought, as my colleagues had told me to see a doctor next morning.

”When I came home from work late in the evening I treated myself with Cell Com and so I did next morning and at 2 p.m. When I started my next evening duty the wound had healed and there was no inflammation to be seen.”

”The treatment was easy. I used 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet and afterwards I placed th black and the red probe on eacht side of the wound for 3-4 minutes. That was indeed enough to remove that inflammation!”

Now I show other people how easy it is to use Cell Comm
After a while Jytte Andersen twists her leg and get problems with her knee. ”It hurt very much, so I decided to use Cell Com again – on 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet and afterwards directly on the most sore point on the knee. When I went to bed my leg still ached and I was very restless but when I awoke next morning I could not feel that I had had pains in that leg!

”After my own experiences with Cell Com I knew that other people could also get help from this apparatus. The apparatus really fascinated me and when I got more knowledge about it I decided to show other people how easy it is to use Cell Com.
They buy the apparatus from me and borrow a video about Cell Com, and it is wonderful to receive their positive responses when they start treating themselves.

The dove ”23” was very sick but then it was treated with Cell Com!

Jytte Andersen knew that Cell Com has been used on a few animals with good, quite inexplicable results. So she thought: Let`s give it a try, let`s see if it can also help our own sick carrier pigeon.

”My husband and I are very absorbed in carrier pigeons, and one Saturday afternoon my husband says: ”23 is very sick!”

”Go and get it,” I said, and when I saw the pigeon I realized how sick it was. It snored as if it could not breath. Well, a pigeon has not five toes as we have but I placed the probes on its feet before I treated directly on its neck.
”23” got his next Cell Com-treatment in the evening and his third before my husband went hunting Sunday morning. ”23” then seemed a little better, men Monday morning I had absolutely no doubt that Cell Com had helped him, for now he got up rushing around like the other pigeons!”

Karup, 9. november 1999

A sinister prognosis was turned around to survival.

According to the evolvement of my cancer-diagnosis, which I had in August of 2015 and forward to today in July of 2016, I would like to report the following:

I was diagnosed with cancer in the gullet with spread to lymphatics in the throat and additional tumor in the liver. The primary tumor was measured to be app. 11cm long and at one point covering some two thirds of the circumference of the gullet. The tumor in the throat to be app. 13mm and the node in the liver app. 23mm. I was given a prognosis on survival of less than a year. And with no chance of surgery.

I went through the traditional treatment: A coarse chemotherapy and indeed completed with surgery…

It was my choice to provide, whatever could be provided of other aiding actions. Tried to focus on positive issues in life. I kept in shape with physical training and made sure to take extra vitamins – BCD + ordinary all-round multivitamins. Calcium, magnesium and iron. Fish oil – omega 3 fatty acid. I practiced yoga, martial arts and ran as much as my condition allowed. I broke a record as I came running to one of my treatments at the oncological department. That was never done before, I was told. (I did not set any speed-records, however…) And of alternative treatments, I went to, were healing and not least acupuncture.

Previously I have used traditional acupuncture with good results; however traditional acupuncture is not known for having any significant effect on cancer. But when you have a diagnosis like the one I had, you do not have anything to lose by trying other measures. I read about parallel-acupuncture, which to this day only few acupuncturists are practicing. I cannot in detail account for the connections in the effect of this treatment. But a substantial part is, that this treatment optimizes the body`s own immune-system. “Re-sets” it, so to speak. It provides a good function of blood-vessels, lymphatics, liver and kidneys and additionally it enhances the desired effects of chemotherapy as it limits the un-desired side-effects. I had this treatment approximately once a week, starting almost simultaneously with the chemotherapy. I had a clear and instantaneous sensation of change in the body- among other effects – that I (due to better drainage) quickly felt a need to empty my bladder and the swelling of my lower legs was rapidly shrinking. These effects prevailed for several days if not longer. I did have some of the foretold side-effects. But not as bad as predicted. I kept most of my hair for instance.

Throughout my traditional chemotherapy the scannings showed significant shrinking of the three tumors that were detected. At the end of my chemo-progress I was scanned again, this time both CT and PET. To the astonishment of the entire established system the scannings now showed, that the tumor in my throat could not be detected. The primer tumor in my gullet as well as the metastasis in my liver had shrunk a lot. Primer tumor was now estimated to 15mm and tumor in the liver was app. 13mm! So now I was offered surgery! I accepted the offer, thinking; “now or never”. I was prepared to have a substantial part of my stomach removed and the remaining part stitched onto the gullet. During surgery the surgeons decided to remove the stomach completely. This was analyzed, and no cancer-tissue was found! So looking back, I would have preferred this to be analyzed before surgery… Anyway, it is indeed possible to function without a stomach, but it does urge you to have much more focus on how you can eat. The tumor in the liver was “boiled” by means of ultrasound. At the following briefing by the doctors, the expressions >absolutely wild< and >very astonishing< were used several times. It was evaluated that my response on chemotherapy was positive beyond expectation!

Overall, I too am pleasantly surprised! But soberly considered you might ask yourself. How come that such a sinister diagnosis can be turned to such positive realities? This is difficult to answer, exactly what did what in this process, when so many things were brought into this game? To me, though, there is no doubt, that the parallel acupuncture, I received – and receive – at the Hugo Nilsen Institute in the small town of Gram in southern Jutland, has had a significant – if not crucial effect on the fortunate result. This is my personal story. And naturally I cannot make statements on, how other patients progress will be! But I invite Hugo Nielsen to bring this story on his homepage.

PS.: First scanning after recovering from surgery showed no signs of active cancer anywhere in my body!

Your`s respectfully.
Gert V.. Odense, Denmark,

A “Vikinge story” about my asthma

Deterioration of my asthma after surgery in the stomach. 

After the last post in June 2013, when the symptoms of my asthma had largely disappeared, I had during the following winter major problems with my stomach in the form of volvulus. After several hospitalizations, the disorder was sought remedied operatively by shortening of my colon and the insertion of a stoma. Later the stoma was removed operatively. However, this only succeeded after major problems during the operation which, had to be repeated to close the wound correctly. The result was that I was discharged after 3 weeks in a miserable condition where abdominal pain and abdominal problems and asthma cough were quite violent. There was no further help or guidance on the future problems to get from the doctors It was a little hard to see the future when I was very weak and in a poor condition.

Improvement of my asthma with Hugo’s help
Hugo was a huge help with his extensive knowledge and insight into the effects and his clever use of the needles. To begin with, it was not possible to restore the functions, but after a long struggle, Hugo managed to restore the intestinal function with the result that the stomach again became well-functioning. And, at least as importantly, the lung function became significantly better, just as my extremely exasperating coughing dropped to an insignificant level. Overall, after many years of poor functioning organs, I had a well-functioning body and a lot of energy.I have really experienced Hugo’s teachings that a well-functioning stomach is a prerequisite for the lungs to work properly. It has been quite clear that as Hugo has restored the internal connections in my stomach and made these work better – the lungs have been improving and are continuously functioning better.I have now enjoyed the results for a few months and I am finding myself feeling increasingly better with a great desire and ability to be more active.

Further developments
Hugo will continue the treatment to remove the last disadvantages of asthma. At the same time, Hugo who is very resourceful has begun to remove the cataracts, that I have on my left eye. I can already feel an improvement. And would you believe without surgery or the like. No – my body has been programmed to heal it itself. Fantastic.

I am still wondering why the doctors in connection to the surgery of my stomach did not inform me of the complications with the lungs, or any other risks. Is it simply a lack of insight into the extensive effects that such an operation has on the organs as a whole or is it a lack of desire to involve the knowledge that Hugo represents in the course of treatment?

“My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered

Britta Isaksen and her husband, Gert Hansen, Kolding, Denmark, were very skeptical of alternative therapy but when the public hospital service after four years had given up curing Britta´s complicated slipped disk Gert sat down at his computer. Looking for “scars after operation” he now came across Hugo Nielsen, Gram, and that meant Britta´s farewell to pains.

Brittas husband Gert said on 24 February 2012, that Britta behaves like a 18 year old girl, worka and has been painless since. From 2002 to 2012 this is nice work.. Congratulations!

Text: Bodil Moes

“My wife was for four years a human being completely knackered by pains,” Gert Hansen says about the nightmare that started when his wife was quietly sweeping and suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her back and violent pains in her left leg.”

Bedroom turned into sick room
The suffering which later after scanning proved to be a slipped disk totally changed the couple’s life. “Our bedroom was turned into sick room with bedpan and other accessories,” Britta says, “and it was four years with heavy pains and many removals to hospital. Once I was unconscious when I was taken to the hospital in Give. I was so helpless that going to the bathroom in a normal way was impossible. I had to do it half standing in the shower cabinet or on a bath towel in the bed. Day and night I was in pain although I took many strong painkillers.”

Last summer the doctors had to to give me up
When a scanning showed that Britta had a slipped disk the doctors preferred not to operate on her, as the disk was badly located. “Anyhow last year they operated and for a few months I had no pains,” Britta tells, “but then the scar after the operation started to press on the nerve and the pains got worse than ever before.”

“They tried to retrain me and I also had blocks but the effect only lasted about a week. Then last summer they told us that there was nothing more they could do for me. It was to be hoped that one day some technology was invented that might help me. It was not a death sentence but for my husband and me it was almost as serious.”

After needle-treatment I slept peacefully for fourteen hours
Britta and Gert has always felt that the hospitals and their own doctor had treated them well but now they understood that it was up to themselves to try to find a way out.

“My husband on Internet searched for “scars after operation”, and he came across Hugo Nielsen, Gram. So in July we agreed to go to his clinic. Afterwards I have thought that Hugo Nielsen must have wondered why we came when we were so filled with skepticism and prejudices.

I made it quite clear that if I had to believe he should not expect any help from me!” “I got my first parallel-acupuncture treatment, and when we drove home I said to Gert that I could not in the least feel anything. But the same evening I already went to bed at eight o’clock and slept peacefully until half past ten the next day – I, who because of heavy pains had not slept one whole night for four years!”

Hugo Nielsen also managed double sight and squinting
For two and a half month Britta and Gert drove to Gram twice a week. “Then we have only gone there once a week to maintain the result and already after three months I got rid of the thirty pills I used to take every day and night,” Britta says with a content smile. “A few morning pills also became unnecessary as the Cell Com apparatus removed the soreness which many people experience at the start of the day.”

“At the end of August I one day woke up with a double sight and a heavy squinting. The doctors told me that a nerve had been pressed. Unfortunately there was a waiting time at the hospital of two months. At our next visit Hugo Nielsen managed to solve the problem and a fortnight later he did it once more. “There is nothing wrong with you,” the doctor said when I later came to the hospital.”

It has not cost us more than a holiday journey abroad
Gert Hansen is thankful that it was Hugo Nielsen he first found on Internet. “Now my wife has got an everyday life without pains and consequently a new zest for life, and her husband has got his “old” wife back. Today it seems quite unreal that Britta when suggested to seek pension were so ill that she could not cope with the demanded work testing. It also gives food for thought that the parallel-acupuncture treatment in Gram up to now has not cost more than if we had bought an eleven thousand kroner´s journey (approx USD 1400.00) – and consider what Hugo Nielsen’s treatment has meant to us!”

Kolding, Denmark

November 25th, 2002