A sprained knee

After Cell Com-treatment a sprained knee was perfectly all right next morning

Jytte Andersen, Karup, Denmark, had in rapid succession two amazing experiences with the Cell Com apparatus she had purchased after she had seen a demonstration on TV. First Cell Com removed a severe inflammation in her big toe, and next it cured a sprained knee in only one night.

”I am crazy about this apparatus ,”Jytte Andersen says, when she tells about the Cell Com, which she happened to see on TV during her summer holidays.
”I wanted to see something on text-TV and suddenly I hit TV where they had a program about Hugo Nielsen og Cell Com. My husband who also saw the program afterwards said: ”You have to get that apparatus, Jytte!”

”Together we visited The Hugo Nielsen Institute in Gram where Glenn Jensen demonstrated how Cell Com was used as self-treatment.”

Text: Bodil Moes

When the big toe got inflammated I decided to try my Cell Com

The family had no acute need to use the Cell Com when they bought it. They thought of it as an emergency box which some day would be useful.
”One day I have my one big toe bruised, and as I walk a lot on the job the wound would not heal.
At last it was rather inflammated, and suddenly I remembered the apparatus. It´s now you shall use Cell Com, I thought, as my colleagues had told me to see a doctor next morning.

”When I came home from work late in the evening I treated myself with Cell Com and so I did next morning and at 2 p.m. When I started my next evening duty the wound had healed and there was no inflammation to be seen.”

”The treatment was easy. I used 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet and afterwards I placed th black and the red probe on eacht side of the wound for 3-4 minutes. That was indeed enough to remove that inflammation!”

Now I show other people how easy it is to use Cell Comm
After a while Jytte Andersen twists her leg and get problems with her knee. ”It hurt very much, so I decided to use Cell Com again – on 12+12 and 4+4 on the feet and afterwards directly on the most sore point on the knee. When I went to bed my leg still ached and I was very restless but when I awoke next morning I could not feel that I had had pains in that leg!

”After my own experiences with Cell Com I knew that other people could also get help from this apparatus. The apparatus really fascinated me and when I got more knowledge about it I decided to show other people how easy it is to use Cell Com.
They buy the apparatus from me and borrow a video about Cell Com, and it is wonderful to receive their positive responses when they start treating themselves.

The dove ”23” was very sick but then it was treated with Cell Com!

Jytte Andersen knew that Cell Com has been used on a few animals with good, quite inexplicable results. So she thought: Let`s give it a try, let`s see if it can also help our own sick carrier pigeon.

”My husband and I are very absorbed in carrier pigeons, and one Saturday afternoon my husband says: ”23 is very sick!”

”Go and get it,” I said, and when I saw the pigeon I realized how sick it was. It snored as if it could not breath. Well, a pigeon has not five toes as we have but I placed the probes on its feet before I treated directly on its neck.
”23” got his next Cell Com-treatment in the evening and his third before my husband went hunting Sunday morning. ”23” then seemed a little better, men Monday morning I had absolutely no doubt that Cell Com had helped him, for now he got up rushing around like the other pigeons!”

Karup, 9. november 1999