Acupuncture with and without needles: Where is 30 ovarian cysts?

Acupuncturist and Physiotherapist Arild Helle, Rosendal in Norway, which have many years of experience with parallel acupuncture had Margita Aksnes to acupuncture in 2002, where he demonstrated a Cell Com System processing against fever.

I first experienced even now 8 years later. I was on the Internet and found out, that Margita Aksnes herself treat patients with the Cell Com System on her Clinic. Margita Aksnes have furthermore a very large approved Kennel for dogs together with her husband. I was interested in hearing what experience she had with the Cell Com as treatment system and I sent her an email. And with permission I bring her answer to my email. 19.2.2010.
Bought my Cell Com in 2002 and have used it on my self and my family. I have much good to say about your system, has helped me to become healthier. Went even with chronic fever in 6 years, but after a few treatments with the Cell Com System disappeared the fever.

Has helped well on asthma my children too. Can also mention that I have PCO syndrome, a disease that makes it add up ovarian cysts. I was before the start of Cell Com treatments to the doctor and he found over 30 pieces of ovarian cysts with ultrasound. When I came back to my doctor after 6 weeks fooled them, if they had found the wrong journal since ALL my cysts were gone.

They asked me what I had done the last 6 weeks. I said the truth that I had used the Cell Com System. When the doctor was furious and said that it was not possible that such a thing could have worked.
So that your system has worked I am 100 % sure.

A huge hug from a satisfied user from Norway through 8 years.

Regards Margita Aksnes
Uskedal Road 719
5463 Uskedalen