After Cell Com treatment the flu only lasted nine hours!

Klaus Mikkelsen, Kolding, Denmark, has had some fantastic experiences since he met Hugo Nielsen, Gram, in the summer of 1997. His daughter’s influenza which normally lasts a week only lasted nine hours when Hugo Nielsen had treated the patient with Cell Com, and Klaus Mikkelsen points out that he and his family have had none days lost through illness since they got their own Cell Com.

Our knowledge of Cell Com started when Hugo Nielsen visited us at a time when my daughter had the flu. He offered to treat her with this apparatus, and the result was that a good old-fashioned influenza only lasted nine hours! says Klaus Mikkelsen.

Text: Journalist Bodil Moes

– Shortly after – during my holidays – I got heavy pains in my back and was unable to to anything. Then I called Hugo og asked if he was also able to cope with that, and so he thought.
– I came limping into the clinic and lay on a couch while Hugo put four acupuncture needles in my feet for half an hour. Then I was able to get up quite effortless and without pain, and the following day I rode 50 kilomtres on my bicycle!

It looks as if I escape having
an operation on my knee

– My wife had recently undergone breast-surgery, and I asked Hugo if he could make her lymph-system work as it should. She has now visited his clinic for one year and feel perfectly all right. Already six months after she had started the acupuncture treatment she went skiing in the Alps, and no one would believe that she had been so ill.

– Of course we have our own Cell Com which is used frequently for instance to prevent catching a cold. Since we have got it we have had none days lost through illness.

– When I recently got problems with my knee the hospital offered me an operation but after I have been to Hugo Nielsen’s clinic ten times I have asked the hospital to let me be on the waiting list. It looks as if I escape having an operation on my knee for it is functioning normally and I am again able to go up and down stairs and use my bicycle!

Kolding, September 3rd, 1998.