A “Vikinge story” about my asthma

Deterioration of my asthma after surgery in the stomach. 

After the last post in June 2013, when the symptoms of my asthma had largely disappeared, I had during the following winter major problems with my stomach in the form of volvulus. After several hospitalizations, the disorder was sought remedied operatively by shortening of my colon and the insertion of a stoma. Later the stoma was removed operatively. However, this only succeeded after major problems during the operation which, had to be repeated to close the wound correctly. The result was that I was discharged after 3 weeks in a miserable condition where abdominal pain and abdominal problems and asthma cough were quite violent. There was no further help or guidance on the future problems to get from the doctors It was a little hard to see the future when I was very weak and in a poor condition.

Improvement of my asthma with Hugo’s help
Hugo was a huge help with his extensive knowledge and insight into the effects and his clever use of the needles. To begin with, it was not possible to restore the functions, but after a long struggle, Hugo managed to restore the intestinal function with the result that the stomach again became well-functioning. And, at least as importantly, the lung function became significantly better, just as my extremely exasperating coughing dropped to an insignificant level. Overall, after many years of poor functioning organs, I had a well-functioning body and a lot of energy.I have really experienced Hugo’s teachings that a well-functioning stomach is a prerequisite for the lungs to work properly. It has been quite clear that as Hugo has restored the internal connections in my stomach and made these work better – the lungs have been improving and are continuously functioning better.I have now enjoyed the results for a few months and I am finding myself feeling increasingly better with a great desire and ability to be more active.

Further developments
Hugo will continue the treatment to remove the last disadvantages of asthma. At the same time, Hugo who is very resourceful has begun to remove the cataracts, that I have on my left eye. I can already feel an improvement. And would you believe without surgery or the like. No – my body has been programmed to heal it itself. Fantastic.

I am still wondering why the doctors in connection to the surgery of my stomach did not inform me of the complications with the lungs, or any other risks. Is it simply a lack of insight into the extensive effects that such an operation has on the organs as a whole or is it a lack of desire to involve the knowledge that Hugo represents in the course of treatment?