EU Seminar Hugo Nielsen System 2017 in Gent

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the system developed by Hugo Nielsen? Or should we say “discovered”.

The system obviously existed already, Hugo Nielsen has charted it.

The level at which you work is what is called “Jing” in TCM. TCM is only connected with jing through the Ji Jing Bai Mai (extra ordinary meridians) and may have little influence on Jing level.

If you would imagine having a carpet in your house, then the TCM works at the top of the carpet and thus in your daily life. The Jing is in the basement and thus under the carpet, in your basement. All chronic diseases are covered under the carpet. Often swept under the carpet by going on and on for too long or too much, or often also through medication.

The Hugo Nielsen System works under the carpet and brings everything back to the surface.
Therefore you work under the “normal” systems as meridians, qi, xue, 6 divies etc. upwards, taking along all these levels at once on the way out.

This is a very simple way to explain how and where it works. Of course it’s more complex.

For the academic year 2017, we planned a Hugo Nielsen System Seminar, Basic 1.
This seminar is part of the World BBRS, which consists of Basic 1 of BBRS Parallel Acupuncture.
We start in January 2017.

Pre Training
The basic one is open to all medical, para-medical and alternative therapists. You do not particularly have a basis in acupuncture or Eciwo.

Acupuncture needles are not used during the training. For the practical side just use your hands. Acupuncturists can use needles too. This is also included in the training.
We won’t be talking about Qi, meridians, etc. The Hugo Nielsen system makes connections between acupuncture points, acupressure, etc. and Western theories. This has also led to:

– Restoring the geometric communications

– All chronic diseases are on Jing level, which is where we work

– There are “terminal” points that can retrieve the memory; how the disease development process is run and how it was originally intended (DNA – RNA relationship)

– Controlling and regulating hormones

– Directly influence immune system, the total to very specific controlling of for example IgA

– Immediate opening of neural blockades

– Regulation between veins and lymphatic system

– Activate marrow stem cells in blood cells to build up within a few days

– And much more

The training teaches you to find the key to unlock the memory. The memory of the development of the disease. How and where it’s gone wrong and how you can fix it again. This results in an internal communication which regains its normal function and thus resulting in the recovering of the body.

Therefore, the automatic result will be that the signals or information that you give to the body, will better achieve their goals through the therapy. The logical consequence is that your “normal” treatment will have a much higher effectiveness.

Hugo Nielsen: On his website,, you can find everything about his work and developments.

Will de Lorijn: Member of BBRS World Master BBRS parallel acupuncture and Eciwo biology / acupuncture.

January 22 and 23,
March 12 and 13
May 14 and 15
September 17 and 18


Introduction Day
If you want to know more, you are welcome to watch them a day in practice.
Location: Prinsenhof 111, 9000 Gent

Enrollment fee
The costs of the total program amounts to € 1,600. This includes syllabus, drinks and lunch

Prinsenhof 111

Info and registration
For more information and / or registration:
0032 (0) 488 155 855

Belgium: BAF and Eufom
Netherlands: Zhong